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New Valorant SkinChanger with ALL SKINS!

(Updated November 2021)

Valorant SkinChanger v3.8 - UNLOCK ALL SKINS

«Download Links + Tutorial: How to Hack Valorant - New Version»

Valorant Hacks - Free Injector
Valorant SkinChanger V3 (Free download)
Якорь 1
  1. Download Injector (NO Virus/Password)

  2. Install it to desktop

  3. Download ValoChanger

  4. Run game client, open installed Valorant and Stay at Lobby, Don't Start the Match

  5. Inject using my injector

  6. Run ValoChanger and set skins

  7. Done! You have successfully loaded the skins :)



- HOTFIX: Added Aristocrat Collection

- Added: Valorant Go! Vol. 1 Phantom

- Added: Aristocrat Ares


Valorant SkinChanger - Free download

Why can't I open this?

Some anti-malware programs will block Valorant hacks and other cheats because it thinks it is malicious. This is not true. You will need to find and disable the firewall blocking the software.


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